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Bank management


07.01.2019, 20:18
The modern world practice possesses comprehensive set of methodologies and approaches to project management. Competition in all sectors of the economy has reached a degree, when use of project management technologies is essential for prosperity and survival of almost every business enterprise. High-tech financial institutions pay close attention to the development of various areas such as introduction of information technologies. Banks are constantly developing large projects on introduction of new products and tools, so the issues of effective project management are extremely important. Taking into consideration the current reality and tough competition, banking institutions are concerned with different options of development and improvement, which results in a large number of projects that require proper management and control.

The object of research and examination in this work is a bank. A bank is one of the major financial institutions in modern economy. Bank's activity is twofold - these are not only business enterprises, but also important social institutions. These two aspects of activity of commercial banks are interrelated and constantly present in the spotlight of the government and the community. Projects are important for different types of banks, because they allow to significantly improve the performance of the banks, increase their profits, reduce costs, optimize business processes (especially in high-tech projects).

The subject of research in this work is the management of bank development projects. Recently, the project became a tool for development and improvement on all levels of activity and in all business sectors. Project management can be defined as the branch of management, which attracts attention of more and more companies, which implement the principles of project management into the activity of both separate subunits and the organization as a whole. Effective project management enables the company to properly plan and successfully implement projects, optimizing the spending of time, money and human resources without deviating from the planned quality of end product of the project. The use of principles and methods of project management allows the company to achieve new competitive advantages in the business and improve its performance results.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the peculiarities of management of bank development projects and identify the criteria of their successfulness. This area is of great interest for the research due to some of its features. Project management in the banking sector in each country may have different more or less unique features. These features include the sources of borrowed funds, extraordinary mobility and changeability of parameters of functioning of financial markets.

The objectives of this graduation thesis are:

* Identification of the features of the banking sector;

* Analysis of theoretical aspects of project management;

* Definition of management of bank development projects;

* Identification of differences between the management of standard projects and development projects;

* Identification of specific criteria and peculiarities of management of development projects.

The project structure includes an abstract, three chapters, a conclusion and a reference list. The first chapter considers the concept of a bank, its main activity and analyzes the peculiarities of this area of business activity and the problems inherent in it. The second chapter is devoted to project management and methodologies, necessary for successful control and development. The same chapter considers various difficulties and problems faced by managers during the process of project management. The third chapter is devoted to the projects of bank development. It introduces the basic definitions of management of development projects, provides the methodology of management of development projects, and lists a number of peculiarities of implementation of a development project.
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